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SKT® Points Self Drilling Screw
1. Can penetrate through 12mm~15mm heavy metal sheets 2. Cost saving 20% compared to regular #5 point
We painstakingly follow TS/ISO 16949:2009-certified plan which requires defect rates of less than 100 ppm. And if you need even higher consistency can perform additional visial inspections to gurantee defect rates as low as 15mm-now that's consistent quality.
Internal Fasteners
Internal Fasteners 1. Dia: M8~M8, #4~1/2" 2. Length: 6mm~150mm, 1/4" ~6"

About Us

Founded in 1984, Taiwan Shan Yin International Co., Ltd. is a multinational enterprise group with 5 factories domestically and internationally. After more than 26 years of professional experience in manufacturing of patent fasteners, auto parts, and standard fasteners, the company has successfully set foot in the medical device industry, producing dental implant and related medical instruments. Taiwan Shan Yin provides the best quality products at reasonable prices, punctual delivery and prompt after-sales service which have gained lots of positive feedback from customers in more than 30 countries.In order to serve more customers and satisfy ever-growing market demand, Taiwan Shan Yin set up SOFASCO INDUSTRY in June 1989 in Malaysia to extend its global operations. While being in line with international standards, the company was ISO 9002 certified in 1997,QS 9000 in 2000 and later ISO 14001 in 2008. With continuous innovation and improvement, it achieved certification for ISO/TS 16949, the automobile quality management system, in 2006 and was certified by CNLA, Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation in 2001, to provide reliable products and outstanding service to each customer.With more than 26 years of unceasing research and professional operation, Taiwan Shan Yin is proud to offer the highest quality products and the best manufacturing techniques as well as perfect solutions and a complete set of services to meet diversified demands of global customers.